Who we are

Relisys is privately owned company founded in September 2000. We specialize in designing, creating and installation of communication network infrastructures (IT, Telekom and FTTH, CCTV, ALARM systems) as well as high voltage power supply networks. Special emphasis is put on designing and implementing innovative and contemporary technologies and specific knowledge in building network infrastructure projects. Providing specialized equipment from worldwide known brands to our clients. Our mission is to provide best expertise in electrical and communication networks and infrastructure.

We are licensed building designers and constructors.

Our employees are very experienced, well trained, highly motivated and capable of providing solutions for all types of problems. Members of the team have in depth knowledge for offering solutions for products from companies like Microsoft, Cisco, Panasonic, Compaq, Dell, IBM, HP for computers solutions. Our team has the knowledge and experience in cabling solutions (Copper and Fibber FTTh).

Our success


We strive to use latest and best technology to ensure the best quality at lowest price for our customers


Our commitment to solve each of our client problems has given us enourmous experience with different technologies and systems


Our employees are highly experienced, skilled and educated professionals. They are able to solve problems of all kinds and provide solutions tailored to your business needs.


We are dedicated to help our clients regardless of how small or big the task may be